Building & Inspection


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Do you have any known building issues, just think you do or just want to proactively make certain that there are no impending problems with a building?  Don’t want to erect scaffolding or even use cranes, but want to inspect those ‘hard to access’ possibly unsafe parts of the building, quickly and without the risk of additional damage.

Aerial SP can access critical assets and areas to support clients with a wide range of survey, inspection and data acquisition services. From roof/storm damage inspection to live video & time-lapse photography. This is done with high-quality video & HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, is ‘real time’ allowing further investigation whilst on-site and get images that allow you to fully understand a problem.

  • Structural investigation
  • Building integrity
  • Roof, Valleys & Tile inspections
  • Chimney, pots and bird protection
  • Boundary walls and fencing
  • Damp and rainwater
  • Vegetation ingress & nesting
  • Upper walls and Gables
  • Insurance (Damage) Claims Flood
  • Fire and Accident damage
  • Renovation and extensions planning
  • Gutters & Lead Flashing
  • Brickwork, Stonework & Pointing
  • Time-lapse video and film recording
  • Parapets, soffits and facia inspection
  • Windows and ventilation