About Us

Aerial Survey and Photographic Ltd (Aerial SP) is owned and operated by Ian Dockney, a Forces veteran who has managed and delivered many high-risk projects Globally and recognised how useful the ability to be able to access ‘hard to reach’ places from the planning to the completion of works’.

Aerial SP is relatively new, however the knowledge and experience we have gained ensures we can deliver something special.  Based in both East Anglia covering the South East, we can provide surveys and inspections along with video and photography from a technical and artistic view point.

Aerial SP use latest DJI airframes to carry out our work. In ultrahigh definition 4K at broadcast quality, able to be uploaded to the popular social media platforms. We can also provide you with still images in High Resolution. Either can be provided unedited or after our post-production, as required.

Ian, an Army veteran, has been lucky enough to work and gain experience as an engineer and manager in high risk critical industries, inc: Air Traffic/Airports/Railway, Telecom/Fibre/Mobile, Environment/Renewable Energy.

Ian has been lucky enough to travel extensively, including many years in Australia. Ian is the Accountable manager, with a practical approach, detailed mind, loves solving problems and willingness to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Aerial SP are CAA authorised, competent in Safety/P.P.E, with Chapter 8 ‘compliant’ vehicles.

Ian loves sport, travel, motorcycles, martial arts, hiking and cycling. He also likes to think he is FUNNY!! 

Why choose Aerial SP?

I would like to give you lots of reasons, because there are loads. I am not the World’s greatest salesman and, like most people, not great talking myself up. However, I can say is that we will listen and do are best to deliver exactly what you, the client, wants. Professionally and with a very broad smile