Agricultural & Farming

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Aerial SP can help you implement new farming techniques and methods, via the use of cutting edge technology to provide detailed georeferenced 2D and 3D maps and soon (2021) NVDI agricultural images of fields or the full estate, to allow for a better insight into crop health and livestock security and movement.  Monitoring crops, land and fields allow for better utilisation and early identification of problems. Use it to plan the upcoming seasons, rotations, land usage, pest infestation, remediation and treatment.

Aerial SP see that this can lead to operational cost reductions, both in buildings & equipment and the farming and agricultural   Meaning that your save valuable time, reduce budget impacts and work effort can directed to where it should be, the land, livestock and crop production.

  • Land & Access usage
  • Agronomy & Crop health surveys
  • Reduced management time & costs
  • Fire and Accident damage
  • Health & Safety inspections
  • Renovation & Planning approval
  • Irrigation and Dam inspection
  • Insurance (Damage) Claims Flood
  • Precision Farming
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Storm/ Flood damage survey
  • Fence and security inspections
  • Stock & Yield management
  • Pest & Vermin inspections
  • Fly tipping reduction
  • Drainage, Gutters, Lead Flashing
  • Brickwork, Concrete & Pointing
  • Structural & Metalwork survey
  • NDVI (coming 2021)