Survey & Inspection


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Do you have any known building issues, just think you do or just want to proactively make certain that there are no impending problems with a building?  Want to inspect those ‘hard to access’ parts of the building, without the risk of additional damage, but don’t want the cost of scaffolding or a crane.

Aerial SP can access areas quickly, safely and have the information you need almost immediately. Aerial SP can also help with renovations, extensions and renewals, from initiation to completion.

  • Structural investigation
  • Building integrity
  • Roof, Valleys & Tile inspections
  • Chimney, pots and bird protection
  • Boundary walls and fencing
  • Damp and rainwater
  • Vegetation ingress & nesting
  • Upper walls and Gables
  • Insurance (Damage & Flood) Claims
  • Fire and Accident damage
  • Renovation and extensions planning
  • Gutters & Lead Flashing
  • Brickwork, Stonework & Pointing
  • Time-lapse video and film recording
  • Parapets, soffits and facia inspection
  • Windows and ventilation

Environment, Sustainability, Conservation& Nature

The protection of the planet we live on is very important to Aerial SP, with climate change, waste, and pollution at critical levels. It is necessary to reduce energy use and energy loss, monitor rising tides, waste management, vegetation changes, monitor droughts and flood areas, etc.

Aerial SP can keep you up to date with the consequences and record the environmental condition and impacts, with images and survey updates of specified ‘at risk’ areas, locations and complaints.

  • Coastal structural Survey
  • Remediation/Reclamation Surveys
  • River, Lake and wetland inspection
  • Subsidence Check Surveys
  • Forestry and Tree Surveys
  • Erosion and Land movement survey
  • Protected area inspections
  • Energy usage/Thermal inspections
  • Coast and Tide level monitoring
  • Future Development Sites
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Slope monitoring and slippage
  • Public Consultation presentations
  • Tide and weather monitoring
  • Ecological and vegetation surveys
  • Contamination/Remediation inspections
  • Flood and storm damage inspections
  • Flood area surveys

Commercial & Industrial Facility

Experienced in commercial operations within defence, airports, railways, schools, offices, roads, local authorities, telecommunications and utilities. Aerial SP understand what you require with your maintenance and inspection regimes. Reactive, weekly to 7, 13, 26 monthly, yearly, 5 yearlies etc.

Aerial SP can provide condition reports, asset inspection, data acquisition, works planning and support your facilities/ property maintenance and long-term contract management responsibilities.

  • Insurance (Damage & Flood) Claims
  • Fire and Accident Damage
  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Drainage, Gutters, Lead Flashing
  • Windows, Glazing and Skylights
  • Confined and Roof Space Survey
  • Air Conditioning System Inspections
  • Ventilation and Ductwork Inspections
  • Brickwork, Concrete and Pointing
  • Structural and Metalwork Survey
  • Flat and Ridge Roof Inspections
  • Chimney, Ventilation and Flue Inspections
  • Thermal and Energy Surveys
  • Water, Damp and Rainwater
  • Vegetation and Fungal Growth
  • Bridge and Raised Walkway Inspections
  • Storm water and drainage
  • Land and Location images


Aerial SP have witnessed both individuals and teams spending large periods of time completing inspections of equipment and infrastructure in various industries, putting themselves and the operations at risk. Tasks requiring a great deal of planning and effort for seemingly little reward.

Aerial SP have personnel who have worked within the rail, communications, renewable, solar, wind turbines and electrical arenas and road infrastructure and the strict requirements of operation.

  • Live operational equipment
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Pipeline and Power line inspections
  • Bridge and Dam Inspection
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy and Solar
  • Wind Farms and Turbines
  • Thermal imaging and video
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Weatherproofing inspections
  • Bird and animal protection
  • Cable covers and inspection hatch inspections
  • Insulation cleanliness
  • Equipment security
  • Line of site assessments
  • Accessibility of the site
  • Structural integrity inspections
  • Electrical and Power systems


With industry experience Aerial SP can work with project and delivery teams in order to help develop plans, by providing aerial imagery which can support the safe, cost effective and timely delivery of works. Within difficult congested environments, around the public & existing structures, alongside traffic, within environmental areas, in high-risk locations and during safety critical works.

Aerial SP can support the site management team, monitor progress, record history, aide security, aid with material supply and control. All by allowing the site and office teams to collaborate better.

  • Site evaluation surveys and progress reports
  • Trunk and Minor Road Surveys
  • Operational risk and opportunities
  • Safety and Incident Inspections
  • Stockpile and supply monitoring
  • Increase safety and reduce risk
  • Volumetric measurement (2021)
  • Pre-planning site assessment
  • Environmental survey/monitoring
  • Traffic management video
  • Operations videos
  • Quantity survey progress assessment
  • Work progress monitoring inspection
  • Mapping and 3D modelling
  • Progressive/Historic mapping
  • Site and equipment security inspection
  • Building Inspections
  • Tendering and Estimation survey
  • Real time remote assessment
  • Defect detection inspections