Commercial & Industrial Facility Inspections

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Experienced in operations and facilities of Commercial, Defence, Airports, Railways, Schools, Office blocks, Roads, Local authorities, Telecommunications and Utilities buildings, Aerial SP understand what you require and how to get it. Quickly, accurately, safely and cost-effectively. From Weekly, 1, 7, 13 and 26 month, yearly and beyond inspections, Aerial SP can provide highest levels of data acquisition, records and support.

AerialSP are not there just for maintenance, with many years in projects Aerial SP understand what you need to plan a good job and deliver it with quality. Renovations, extensions and renewals, from the initiation stage to the completion, providing visual records from impossible angles and challenging circumstances.

  • Insurance (Damage) Claims Flood
  • Fire and Accident Damage
  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Drainage, Gutters, Lead Flashing
  • Windows, Glazing and Skylights
  • Confined and False Roof Space Survey
  • Air Conditioning System Inspections
  • Ventilation and Ductwork Inspections
  • Brickwork, Concrete and Pointing
  • Structural and Metalwork Survey
  • Flat and Ridge Roof Inspections
  • Chimney, Ventilation and Flue Inspections
  • Thermal and Energy Surveys
  • Water, Damp and Rainwater
  • Vegetation and Fungal Growth
  • Bridge and Raised Walkway Inspections