Construction Management

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Possessing industry experience Aerial SP are able to work with project and delivery teams in order to develop plans allowing them to provide aerial imagery which can support the safe, cost effective and timely delivery of planning and works. With ever growing needs to work in constrained and difficult environments, around the public and other existing structures, visual access of locations, works, traffic, environmental areas, progress, stock piles, security and hard to access spaces is becoming a must.

Aerial SP can support enhancements in site management team capabilities, monitoring progress and history, equipment management, material supply and control by allowing the team onsite and remotely to collaborate.

  • Site evaluation surveys and progress reports
  • Trunk and Minor Road Surveys
  • Operational or short term opportunity surveys
  • Safety surveys and Incident Inspections
  • Stockpile and supply monitoring
  • Increase safety and reduce risk
  • Volumetric measurement (2021)
  • Pre-planning site assessment
  • Environmental survey and monitoring
  • Operations videos
  • Quantity survey progress assessment
  • Work progress monitoring inspection
  • Mapping and 3D modelling
  • Progressive/ Historic mapping
  • Site and equipment security inspection
  • Building Inspections
  • Tendering and Estimation survey
  • Real time remote assessment
  • Defect detection inspections
  • Traffic management video