Events & Ceremonies

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Aerial SP can make your events come alive and memories live again. Capture the day, the memory, the celebration, the win, the sentiment or the fun. In both video and individual photos for you, the family, your friends, the team, the participants, the media and everyone involved.  Wonderful for special moments, large groups, the complete function, venue, promotional to live screening.

Aerial SP can capture precision action video and photographs on-land, by the coast and over the sea, in the countryside, around property and in towns and cities. From angles and heights that capture the action and the feeling of the whole event. Able to travel at speeds of 45mph, at ground level and up to 400’ in the air. All in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) or 20Mp photographs.

Aerial SP can be part of your and your organisation successfully achieving your goals. We won’t let you down


  • Team sports and competitions
  • Cycling and Mountain biking races
  • Charity events, parades walks
  • Yacht Racing and Sailing regattas
  • Graduations ceremonies and functions
  • Church and Religious organisations
  • Staff and team member groups
  • Social media and websites
  • Family and personnel occasions
  • Local fetes and Carnivals and schools
  • Funeral & Memorial ceremonies
  • Weddings & affirmations
  • Golf competitions
  • Motorsport and Racing
  • Horse racing and eventing
  • Historic events and locations
  • Public Consultation presentations
  • Zoos and Wildlife celebrations
  • Festivals and concerts
  • TV, Film and advertising