How We Do It

First contacts
From your first thoughts about your works or needs, Aerial SP are happy to discuss with any idea or project with you, to help you achieve your goals. As such, call us with any questions or ideas. We will be happy to give you all the advice we can.

  1. Via our Facebook page,
  2. Via the contact form at the bottom of each page, whilst it may not always be possible, we will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours.
  3. If you know what you want there is a ‘request for quote’ link on each of the specific service pages. The more detail we have the more precise we can make our response. On receipt of this request we will contact you directly.
  4. Or our direct email, Whilst it may not always be possible, we will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours.
  5. Or you can call us on the mobiles in the contact section. We will probably ask you to email with more detail, but we are happy to speak to you. Please remember we need sleep too

Aerial SP specialise in the East Midland and East Anglia region, but are more than happy to complete works in major cities and nationally.


Feasibility assessment
After the first contact, we will need to understand your requirements, then we will look assess the locations/s, expected conditions, timings, end product and all flight regulations.

Generally Aerial SP can confirm within the same day.

Aerial SP will then complete a more in-depth assessment, to develop a basic methodology and provide an outline price to complete. Once our quote is agreed and accepted, we will then complete a ‘project start up’ survey. Our works are undertaken with a ‘safety first’ approach. This is likely to require an on-site assessment, and definitely discussions with you to improve our understanding or your requirements, needs and chosen budget.

With you the client confident that you service will be delivered to you, as safe as possible and within ALL Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) legal regulations. Aerial SP are covered by a £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance policy.  

On site/Pre-flight survey
Whilst Aerial SP will already have completed a ‘project start up’ site survey with risk assessments completed, our first action on arrival at site would always be confirming and updating, if required, that survey and the risk assessments. In order to ensure that nothing has changed and that there are no new potential hazards.

Once this ‘On site/ Pre-flight’ survey has been completed and all is in order, he will prepare the site for the proposed project. Our works will only be undertaken if the remote pilot considers the site, conditions and situation still to be safe. Once the survey is updated the remote pilot will set up the take-off and landing area and complete a client briefing.

We encourage clients, or their representatives, to have non flight operations involvement, in their project flights and surveys. This allows for the end-user to monitor the ‘live’ pictures and/or directly advise on areas of concern, preferences or technical needs.

Once the survey, inspection/ filming or photography is complete, all footage/ photographs can be made available immediately to the client on-site, or provide via transfer. The footage can be provided ‘raw’, for speed, although this is not normally our preference. Aerial SP would prefer clients receive a version that has been though post-production and editing. All our work is provided in stunning 4K Ultra-High Definition.