Infrastructure Inspections

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Over many years staff at Aerial SP have witnessed both individuals and teams spending large periods of time completing inspections of equipment and infrastructure in various industries, putting themselves and the operations at risk. Whether climbing Mobile Phone towers or climbing into combined spaces, these tasks require a great deal of planning and effort for seemingly little reward.

Whether working on Railways, Telecommunications equipment, Solar, Wind Turbines, Pipelines, Electrical supplies, Traffic and road infrastructure using a drone reduces the time, necessary equipment, cost and makes the whole task much safer. Aerial SP will whatever information you need to get on with business.

  • Live operational
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Pipeline and Power line inspections
  • Bridge and Dam Inspection
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy and Solar
  • Wind Farms and Turbines
  • Thermal imaging and video
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Weatherproofing inspections
  • Bird and animal protection
  • Cable covers and inspection hatch inspections
  • Insulation cleanliness
  • Equipment security
  • Line of site assessments
  • Accessibility or the site
  • Structural integrity inspections