Post-production & Editing

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Aerial SP provide stunning aerial visual productions with their range of different camera systems. Not limited to aerial drone footage we have our own in-house production team, able to produce promotional films, marketing videos and web/ social media presentations. From simply editing a survey video to completing a full video movie with synchronised music or enhancing photographic material to increase customer attraction or using HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography to find the details you need. Aerial SP are able to provide for your needs and desired presentation.

Working with you or your team to ‘storyboard’ your goals and aims, in the early planning, Aerial SP are able to understand what you want. Ensuring that all the rights issues are known and cleared for use across the chosen media, channels and platforms, and understand your allowable budget and cleared for use across the desired media, channels and platforms.

Aerial SP, can be part of your and your organisation successfully achieving your goals. We won’t let you down