Video & Photography

Harwich docks from Tower

Residential and Commercial Property & Land Marketing

Let Aerial SP improve the chances of you selling your house or business premises, with high level videos and images. Enhance your property and utilise the surrounding landscape to assist you in demonstrating to potential buyers how beautiful & liveable their new home or workspace can be. Surveys have shown that the use of aerial photography can dramatically reduce the sale time.

Aerial SP will allow potential buyers, developers, land owners, private buyers and neighbours see the wonder that is your home. These cost-effective ‘birds-eye’ views may even want you to stay!!

  • Commercial and residential
  • Increased impact of advertising
  • Luxury houses and land
  • Land, property and mooring sales
  • Sales presentations
  • 4k HD Video Flyovers and 360o circuits
  • Soundtracks, Commentary, Subtitles
  • Website-ready video production
  • Property Developments
  • Holiday lettings and hotels
  • Edited photographs and presentations
  • Bring the property alive
  • High Resolution 20Mp Photographs
  • Presents the scale and liveability
  • Same day delivery possible
  • Family activity shoots if desired

Events & Ceremonies

Aerial SP can make your events come alive and memories live again. Capture the day, the memory, the celebration, the win, the sentiment, or the fun. In both video and individual photos for you, the family, your friends, the team, the participants, the media, and everyone involved. Wonderful for special moments, large groups, the complete function, venue, promotional to live screening.

Aerial SP can be part of your and your organisation successfully achieving your goals. With precision action video and photographs that capture the action and the feeling of the whole event.

  • Team sports and competitions
  • Cycling and Mountain biking races
  • Charity events, parades, walks
  • Yacht Racing and Sailing regattas
  • Graduations ceremonies/functions
  • Church and Religious organisations
  • Staff and team member groups
  • Social media and websites
  • Family and personnel occasions
  • Local fetes and Carnivals and schools
  • Funeral & Memorial ceremonies
  • Weddings & affirmations
  • Golf competitions
  • Motorsport and Racing
  • Horse racing and eventing
  • Historic events and locations
  • Public Consultation presentations
  • Zoos and Wildlife celebrations
  • Festivals and concerts
  • TV, Film and advertising

Business & Corporate Promotion

Aerial SP can create the right message for the ‘right people’ and loved ones, empathetic and assertive when required. Capturing the emotion, the humour and feeling to engage your team, beneficiaries, customers, clients, sponsors, donors and creating the widest awareness of you.

Aerial SP can provide the video and photography to capture the attention and concentrate the minds of those who are lucky enough to see your message. Video, included within a marketing portfolio add value to your brand messaging and adds to the competitive advantage.

Aerial SP can be part of your and your organisation successfully achieving your goals.

  • University, schools & Colleges
  • Church and Religious organisations
  • Staff and team member groups
  • Social media and websites
  • Car & Vehicle showrooms
  • Hotels, Holiday parks and lettings
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Corporate Days
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Car and Vehicle showrooms
  • Story board development
  • Airbnb, Caravan parks and Campsites
  • Events and competitions
  • Motorsport and Race tracks
  • Sporting events and teams
  • Historic events and locations
  • Zoos and Wildlife parks
  • Wide industry understanding
  • Social media and websites
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Local Fetes, carnivals and schools
  • Theme and Fun Park

Post-production & Editing

Aerial SP provide stunning aerial visual productions with their range of different camera systems. Not limited to aerial drone footage we ground photography, our own production team, to produce promotional films, marketing videos and web/ social media presentations. From simply editing a survey video to completing a full video with music or enhanced photographic material presentation.

Aerial SP working with you or your team to ‘storyboard’ your goals and aims, in the early planning, Aerial SP can understand what you want. Ensuring that all the rights issues are known and cleared for use across the chosen media, channels, and platforms, and understand your allowable budget and cleared for use across the desired media, channels, and platforms.

Aerial SP, can be part of your organisations successfully achieving your goals. We won’t let you down

If you are unsure of which service you require, please complete the contact form below and we can advise